After assessment is complete

Upon completion of the assessment YESAB issues an evaluation or screening report and a recommendation, which is sent to federal, territorial or First Nation governments who act as Decision Bodies. A copy is also uploaded to the YESAB Online Registry. The recommendation will include one of four options.

YESAB will recommend that the project either:

  1. Be allowed to proceed
  2. Be allowed to proceed with terms and conditions
  3. Not proceed
  4. A Designated Office can recommend that the project: Be required to undergo a screening by the Executive Committee.

The Decision Body for the assessment will be a regulating body or authority. Decision Bodies can be federal, territorial or First Nation governments and agencies that regulate and permit the proposed activity.  The Decision Body will issue, in writing, a Decision Document that accepts, varies or rejects the recommendation. Once the Decision Document has been issued, an agency can issue authorizations or permits in accordance with their process.

If the Decision Body(s) determines in its Decision Document that the project may proceed, the license, authorization or permit may be issued.