Casino Mine Panel Review

The Casino Mine project is a proposed copper, silver, gold, and molybdenum mine approximately 150 km north-east of Carmacks. In 2016, the Executive Committee determined that this proposed project requires a review of a panel of the board. To commence a review of a panel of the board, the proponent (Casino Mining Corporation) must submit a environmental and socio-economic effects statement (its project proposal) to the Executive Committee.

On October 11, 2022, the Casino Mining Corporation submitted notice of its intention to submit its Environmental and Socio-economic Effects Statement (its project proposal) for the Casino Mine project by mid July 2023.

Once submitted, the Executive Committee will review the statement to ensure that it complies with the guidelines set out by the Executive Committee. Should the Executive Committee be satisfied that the statement conforms with the guidelines, it will:

  • Select panel members and designate a chairperson;
  • Establish the terms of reference for a review of the Casino Mine project by a panel of the board; and
  • Publish notice of the establishment of the panel and its terms of reference.

The panel process includes multiple opportunities for both the public and participants to make written or oral representation. The process for a review by a panel of the board can be found here.

For more information on the panel process please contact YESAB at 

For more information on the project please see the Casino Mine Project Plain Language Summary (December 2022) 


UPDATE: September 12, 2023 –  ESE Statement Guidelines Issued 

On September 12, 2023, ESE Statement Guidelines were issued by the Executive Committee (EC) to the Proponent. Within 60 days after receiving the ESE Statement Guidelines, CMC is required to provide the EC with a written schedule of the time it will take CMC to prepare and submit its ESE Statement.

The ESE Statement Guidelines can be found on the YESAB Online Registry – YOR #2022-0052.