Executive Committee Screening 

The Executive Committee of YESAB is made up of the Chair and two Board members.  The Committee has the following responsibilities under YESAA:

  • Conducting screenings
  • Reviewing plans and existing projects
  • Establishing Panels of the board, developing the terms of reference for reviews of projects, existing projects and plans
  • Negotiating agreements for joint panel reviews
  • Providing advice about audits and effects monitoring
  • Carrying out effects monitoring or project audits when requested to do so by a minister or a First Nation
  • Conducting reviews or carrying out research when requested to do so by a minister or a First Nation.

Executive Committee screenings are intended for larger projects that come directly to the Executive Committee or are referred to the Executive Committee by a Designated Office. These projects move through a screening process with a legislated timeline of up to 16 months.  A screening allows for two public comment and review stages. One stage allows for public comment on the project proposal and another for the public to review the Draft Screening Report.

The Executive Committee has a number of guidance documents that will assist proponents in developing their project proposals.  Proponents who may be entering the Executive Committee screening process should contact the YESAB Head Office and speak to assessment staff prior to submitting a project proposal.

Click here to access consultation guide for proponents

Click here to read filing requirements for proposals submitted to Executive Committee for screening


Access the detailed process flowchart here

Pre-submission engagement for Executive Committee screenings

The Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board (YESAB) has developed a Pre-submission Engagement (PSE) process for Executive Committee screenings. PSE is a proactive, front-end process that occurs before a project proposal is submitted for screening by the Executive Committee (EC). The purpose of pre-submission engagement is to bring interested and affected parties together to review project requirements well in advance of a detailed proposal being submitted for assessment. This helps identify gaps and issues of concern, to define values and baseline information requirements and ensure a timely and efficient screening process.

The PSE process came into effect on June 1, 2022.  Projects submitted to the Executive Committee on or after June 1, 2022 will be in the PSE process.  Projects that have already entered the screening process (the adequacy review stage or later) on this date will remain in the process in place prior to May 31, 2022.

Click here to access pre-submission engagement guide for Executive Committee screenings (October 2022)

Click here to access pre-submission engagement process with timelines 

Click here to view pre-submission engagement for Executive Committee screenings (with audio)

Click here to read YESAB’s Revised Approach to Considering Proponent Commitments


PSE Rules Review – Background 

Click here to read proposed rules (English) 2021

Click here to read PSE Proposed Rules Summary Guide 2021

Click here to read about filing requirements for project proposals submitted to the Executive Committee for screening

Click here to read project description requirements (English) 2021