YESAB Board members and staff including: Ken McKinnon, Dave Keenan, Andrew Reid, Cathy McFadyen, Steve Caram, Kathie Thibaudeau and Keith Maguire visited the former Faro mine and Mount Nansen mine to understand the reclamation and closure activities that are being planned by the Assessment and Abandoned Mines Branch, Government of Yukon. 

Patricia Randell, along with Bill Slater at Faro and Josee Perron at Mount Nansen, guided the group through the mine sites and described proposed reclamation work. The site visits provided a valuable opportunity to get an understanding of the reclamation options, the planned approach, and the challenges with these two sites. The Mt. Nansen mine site reclamation plan is expected to be proposed to the Executive Committee in the fall of 2014.

Faro - Nansen tour 2013