Participation in Panel Reviews

For the projects that have potential significant adverse effects, are likely to cause significant public concern or involve use of controversial technology, the Executive Committee may recommend a Panel Review.

In cases where other levels of assessments have been unable to come to a recommendation, the Executive Committee may establish a Panel of the Board to conduct review of the project. The Panel is comprised of Board members as set out in YESAA.

The Casino Mine project serves a recent case in point, necessitating a Panel Review due to the following considerations:

a) the project involves technology that is controversial in Yukon— the proposed tailings management facility; and

b) the project might contribute significantly to cumulative adverse effects on the Klaza caribou herd.

A Panel Review is YESAB’s highest level of assessment and this is the first Panel Review process conducted in the Yukon. 

To read more about Casino Mine Panel Review, click here.

The panel process includes multiple opportunities for both the public and participants to make written or oral representation. The process for a review by a panel of the board can be found here.

If you have any questions about the panel review process or Casino Mine project, please contact YESAB at