Submit Comments On A Proposed Project

YESAB - Creating public comments for assessment

YESAB has developed tools to assist participants submit comments about environmental and socio-economic issues related to projects.  YESAB staff are also available to help capture the views and opinions from the public or assist in submitting comments into an assessment.

YESAB’s Guide to Public Participation in Assessments

A detailed guide is available to assist an interested member of the public in understanding how they can participate in an environmental and socio-economic assessment under YESAA.

This guide describes how public information and views can assist and improve an assessment and how  information will be stored, shared and considered when developing recommendations. The document provides a clear overview of the assessment types and processes and identifies the stages that provide opportunities for public participation. Details on how to participate during public comment periods are also included.

Access YESAB’s guide to public participation here or by clicking the link on the right side menu.

Creating comments that count

Use the questions below to help formulate valuable comment submissions.

  1. What do you value in the proposed project area?
    Values may include specific wildlife species/populations, environmental elements (land, air, water), aesthetics, social/cultural values (trapping, way of life), etc. How do you use or interact with the area?
  2. How might those values be affected or impacted by the proposed project, and why?
    Explain how you think these values would be affected if the project goes ahead. How would this be different from the way it is now?
  3. Do you have any suggestions for how these effects could be reduced or eliminated?
    Include any measures you believe may lessen project effects, and why you think these measures would be successful.
  4. Are your concerns based on your own experience, studies you are familiar with or information passed on to you from someone else?
    This will help assessors consider your information and allow them to follow-up with questions, if necessary.