Project Proponents

A project proposal must be submitted to YESAB for an assessment to be conducted.  A completed assessment by YESAB is often required before a permit or authorization is granted. Staff and resources are available to assist proponents develop and submit adequate proposals.  A complete and adequate project proposal will limit additional information requests.

The majority of the proposed projects submitted to YESAB require Designated Office evaluations, which take an average of 42 days to complete, once the proposal has been deemed adequate. Large and complex project proposals may be required to complete an Executive Committee screening, which can take from six months to two years. Large projects that use controversial technology or are of high public concern may require a Panel of the Board.  There is no fee for  an assessment to be conducted.

The Project Proposal

A project proposal for a Designated Office evaluation contains information about the proposed project, where it will be located, how it will be accomplished, when it will occur and other information that will be considered by the assessor when conducting an evaluation. To help you submit the appropriate information, a project proposal form is provided.

Depending on the type of project, YESAB has created a series of guides to assist in the development of project proposals.  Proponents and agents must use one of the following forms to submit a project proposal:

Submit Online

Download a PDF version of the Form. Fill out the Form and either submit on YESAB’s online registry or to the Designed Office. 

Proponents are encouraged to speak with Regulators first to determine if an assessment is required.

*An Agent Consent Form is now required by individuals or companies who retain the service of an agent for the completion of a Form 1, submission of a proposal and for correspondence with YESAB.


Stages of a Designated Office Evaluation


Adequacy Stage

  • YESAB conducts information and location review
  • Additional details may be required to ensure an adequate project proposal

Evaluation Stage

  • Scope of project prepared
  • Notification list created
  • Project proposal open for public comment (Seeking Views and Information Period)

Recommendation Stage

  • Evaluation report written
  • Recommendation prepared and sent to Decision Body(s)