After The Assessment is Complete

YESAB - After The Assessment is Complete

Upon completion of the assessment YESAB issues an evaluation or screening  report and a recommendation, which is sent to federal, territorial or First Nation governments who act as Decision Bodies. A copy is also loaded to the YESAB Online Registry. The recommendation will include one of four options. YESAB will recommend that the project:

  1. Be allowed to proceed;
  2. Be allowed to proceed with terms and conditions;
  3. Not proceed; or a Designated Office can recommend that the project:
  4. Be required to undergo a screening by the Executive Committee.

The Decision Body for the assessment will be a regulating body or authority. Decision Bodies can be federal, territorial or First Nation governments and agencies that regulate and permit the proposed activity.  The Decision Body will issue, in writing, a Decision Document that accepts, varies or rejects the recommendation. Once the Decision Document has been issued, an agency can issue authorizations or permits in accordance with their process.

When do I get my license, authorization or permit?

If the Decision Body(s) determines in its Decision Document that the project may proceed, the license,  authorization or permit may be issued.