Submit a project proposal form for a Designated Office evaluation

YESAB - Designated Office Evaluation

Project proposal forms for a Designated Office submission can be found and submitted directly online at Proponents can also find project proposal forms and associated guidance documents on the right side-bar on this page. Once the appropriate project proposal form has been chosen and completed, review the information for completeness and accuracy. Use the relevant guidance documents, and YESAB staff to assist in providing adequate information for an evaluation by a Designated Office.

When the project proposal form is complete, you may submit it to a Designated Office by:

You will be notified when your project proposal form is received at the Designated Office.  An assessor will then determine the adequacy of the proposal. Once it has been deemed adequate the evaluation can proceed.

  • To download and complete a project proposal form or a sector-specific form go to the links on the right side of this page.
  • To complete and submit the general project proposal form directly online go to
  • For complete contact information for all YESAB offices click here.

 Tools to Assist in Completing a Project Proposal Form

Below is the flowchart for Designated Office process: