Submitting comments on a project


A key part of assessments under YESAA is the opportunity for individuals or groups to provide comments on projects under assessment. It is important that the content of comments be structured in a meaningful and usable way.

Designated Office evaluations and Executive Committee screenings have public comment periods.  All comments made during an assessment are posted to the YESAB Online Registry and can be viewed by the public.  There are a number of methods that can be used to submit comments on a proposed project under assessment and YESAB staff are available to help.

All new projects that enter the YESAA process are listed every Friday in the Yukon News on the same page as the weather report. Public notices are posted at local venues in each assessment district. Participants can also be notified directly through the YOR by adding their name or company to a notification list for projects in a particular area, sector or project type. YESAB staff are also available in seven offices throughout Yukon to help participants stay informed about project assessments.

Comment Submission Options

The YESAB Online Registry (YOR)

YESAB offers an online Public Registry to help public participate in assessments, search projects and be notified for projects of interest.

How to search projects of interest:

  • YOR’s homepage displays all active projects.
  • You can search for the project of interest by using an advance search option that helps filter projects by First Nation, Location, assessment type, district etc.
  • Click on the YESAB logo to refresh search, if needed.

Set up notifications:

  • Once you find project of interest, hit the ‘Follow’ button next to the project name to receive email notifications when project enters the Public Comment Period.
  • You can get notified about multiple projects of interest by setting up a notification profile.
  • Information about projects in Public Comment period is also available in Friday edition of Yukon News on the same page as the weather report. They are also posted on YESAB’s Facebook page.

Add your comments:

  • Add your comment by typing it in the box or attaching a document.
  • There is no need to create an account to submit comments.
  • You can refer to the ‘How to make a good comment’ section. Your comment will be reviewed before being made public.
  • Please respect the privacy of others by not mentioning their names and details in comments.

Creating comments that count

YESAB has developed tools to assist participants submit comments about environmental and socio-economic issues related to projects.  YESAB staff are also available to help capture the views and opinions from the public or assist in submitting comments into an assessment.

A detailed guide is available to assist an interested member of the public in understanding how they can participate in an environmental and socio-economic assessment under YESAA.

This guide describes how public information and views can assist and improve an assessment and how information will be stored, shared and considered when developing recommendations. The document provides a clear overview of the assessment types and processes and identifies the stages that provide opportunities for public participation. Details on how to participate during public comment periods are also included.

Access  YESAB’s guide to public participation here 

Use the questions below to help formulate valuable comment submissions.

What do you value in the proposed project area?
Values may include specific wildlife species/populations, environmental elements (land, air, water), aesthetics, social/cultural values (trapping, way of life), etc. How do you use or interact with the area?

How might those values be affected or impacted by the proposed project, and why?
Explain how you think these values would be affected if the project goes ahead. How would this be different from the way it is now?

Do you have any suggestions for how these effects could be reduced or eliminated?
Include any measures you believe may lessen project effects, and why you think these measures would be successful.

Are your concerns based on your own experience, studies you are familiar with or information passed on to you from someone else?
This will help assessors consider your information and allow them to follow-up with questions, if necessary.


Your Privacy and YESAB

The Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board (the Board) is subject to the federal Privacy Act and is committed to respecting your right to privacy. We collect, use and disclose your personal information under the authority of YESAA for the purpose of conducting assessments.  During an assessment personal information refers to your name and comment submission. Your information may also be used for statistical analysis and evaluation.

Under the Privacy Act, you have the right to access your personal information and request changes if the information is incorrect.

YESAB may require personal information to contact individuals regarding the content of their comment submissions.  However, having your contact information disclosed on the YOR with your comment submission is optional.  If you would prefer to comment anonymously, please clearly indicate your preference when providing your comment submission to the Designated Office.