Purpose of YESAA

YESAB - Purpose of YESAA

The Act’s purposes are to:

  • Provide a comprehensive, neutrally conducted assessment process applicable in Yukon.
  • Require that, before projects are undertaken, their environmental and socio-economic effects are considered.
  • Protect and maintain environmental quality and heritage resources.
  • Protect and promote the well-being of Yukon First Nations persons, their societies and Yukon residents generally, as well as the interests of other Canadians.
  • Ensure that projects are undertaken in accordance with principles that foster beneficial socio-economic change without undermining the ecological and social systems on which communities, their residents, and societies in general, depend.
  • Recognize and, to the extent practicable, enhance the traditional economy of Yukon First Nations and their special relationship with the wilderness environment.
  • Guarantee opportunities for the participation of Yukon First Nations persons and make use of their knowledge and experience in the assessment process.
  • Provide opportunities for public participation in the assessment process.
  • Ensure that the assessment process is conducted in a timely, efficient and effective manner that avoids duplication.
  • Provide certainty to the extent practicable with respect to assessment procedures, including information requirements, time limits and costs to participants.